Stingray Surgical Products OEM 

Quailty Electrosurgical Forceps and Accessories Repairs

Insulation Colors

Standard colors for Stingray Surgical Products line:
•Blue color for stainless steel and titanium bipolar forceps.
•Black color for non-stick tips bipolar forceps.
•Eco-Friendly bipolar forceps are only available in green.

•All other colors available for a minimum set up charge.
•All available insulation colors have been cytotoxicity tested under Good Laboratory Practice regulation (21 CFR part 58).
•Meets and surpasses ANSI/AAMI/IEC 60601-2-2 Dielectric Standards.

Quailty Electrosurgical Forceps and Accessories Repairs


Stingray Surgical Products facility capabilities:
CAD drawings- Our staff is capable of providing 3D rendering or 2D drawing to help guide you through the manufacturing process. The computer aided design will visualize your new product.
Fabrication- Whether it’s titanium, stainless, or thermoplastic we have resources to complete your project. Computer generated machining of parts through final assembly Stingray will provide you with a precision electrosurgical medical device.
Prototyping designs- When developing new instruments a fully working model is necessary for evaluation and test of product. Stingray’s fast track development team will assist you in your design through production in just a few weeks.
Modifications to existing patterns or repairs are available for surgeons that require a “one of a kind” instrument. With over 35 years of surgical instrument makers experience your design can become reality.

Quailty Electrosurgical Forceps and Accessories Repairs

Laser Marking

All of the products Stingray Surgical manufactures are laser marked for the traceability required by the medical industry today. Custom laser marking available for a minimum set up charge. Laser marking is a very unique permanent marking system that allows a multitude of marking substrates to be marked, along with the ability to mark small batches of products at a low cost. Our laser marking system can provide your facility control and traceability required by the medical industry.

•Bar-codes- Scan-able code for traceability
•Data-matrix- Scan-able code with up to 2500 characters
•Part number- Used to identify product
•2d pictures- a contrasted photo is capable but not usual in the industry
•Logos- mark your companies logo
•UDI- Unique Device Identifiers will be standard on class II medical devices by Sept. 2018, Stingray Surgical plans to implement UDI’s in 2015.